Sonoma Soap Company

The Sonoma Soap Company’s commitment to a cleaner, better planet extends to our partnership with Clean the World, a nonprofit organization that collects discarded soaps and shampoos from hotels and redistributes them to people in need around the world.

With each recycled item, men, women and children are given the power to combat deadly diseases with the simplest of weapons: soap and water. And in the process, hundreds of tons of needless waste are kept out of our world’s landfills.

Each package of Sonoma Soap Company Bar Soap now features the Clean the World logo, and a portion of all website sales go directly to the nonprofit—generating funds and awareness to help save lives and the environment.

The Sonoma Soap Company and Clean the World: Together, we make good things happen.

Click here to order. 5% of your order will be donated to Clean The World